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The employment contract should specify the work obligations that employees must fulfill, as well as the employer`s responsibilities to their employees. The contract should also cover all significant disclosures such as disability accommodations and criminal records, etc. Clear and concise written employment contracts are particularly important in cases where senior managers are hired to oversee a particular function or successfully manage a project, as the employment contract must clearly and accurately capture the employer`s performance expectations. Such a contract should also indicate whether a stock option, commission, bonus or other aspect of compensation is to be paid to the employee. Some employers explicitly include or incorporate their employment policies as terms of the employment contract. However, this puts an employer at risk, as it can result in a breach of contract claim if an employer does not follow its own policies. In most cases, therefore, we recommend that policies not be part of the employment contract. Rather, they should be recognized by the employee under the employment contract as legal instructions from the employer. When policies are effectively communicated and recognized in this way, employers can always count on them. Every employee must have a written employment contract, or at least be offered by the employer If you have ever wondered how important employment contracts are to your company or to your rights as an employee, here is all the information you need. Employment contracts may not cover all the small details, but they do relate to collective agreements, company rules or the law. In these cases, an employee must receive a copy of the complete collective agreement in order to be fully informed. Collective agreements may include voluntary social benefits, collectively agreed remuneration, hours of work, reimbursement of travel expenses and compensation for moving to a new location.

Written and signed contracts offer a number of benefits to business organizations and employees. In the event of a breach of contract, the injured party may take the case to court and render a judgment in its favour. When taking legal action, the court will consider a number of factors. They first check whether the contract has been freely concluded by both parties and whether it has been drafted in accordance with the applicable legislation. In some cases, the courts have concluded that the contract was initially void because labour laws were not followed by either party….