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(1) The Program Manager or Integrated Support Team Leader (IST) (i.e. a higher level than the contract manager) for each custom logistics support program (i.e. the team that manages the program, for example.B metals, MRO supplies or special operations) must perform quarterly price revisions. The ratings include a representative sample based on the total number of orders for that period. Following these audits, the Tailored Logistics Support Program Manager/IST Head must report on the results, including all results and corrective actions, to the Director of Contract Operations or the lead for review and approval. A copy of the report must be stored as part of the contract file. Us Federal Contractor Registration provides technical assistance and assistance for DAPA registration. Companies can call Contractor`s help desk at 877-252-2700 Ext 1 to start registering the DAPA and win government orders. (3) The price of materials for contractors who access the buffer of the material is the price of the material fixed in a contract already concluded with the contractor of the stamp.

The price of the material for contractors who have not already concluded a contract with the material cushion supplier is the standard price (not the spot market level) for the material. Contractors who use the buffer are solely responsible for the cost of using the buffer and the government is not responsible for these costs or for any delay or other effect resulting from the use of the buffer. `National Quota Pricing Agreement (NAPA)` means an agreement with a manufacturer or supplier that grants discounts at national level. Tailor-made logistics assistance contracts require contractors to pass on these savings to the end customer. `distribution and pricing agreement (DAPA)` means an agreement with a manufacturer or supplier that sets both the selling price of a product and a confirmation from the holder of the DAPA to enable contractors to market its products. A DAPA allows the delivery of selected products at fixed prices. A Prime Vendor is a distributor of brand-specific drugs and medical accessories that is typically delivered the next day to DoD medical facilities (and other publicly funded facilities) that are customers of DLA`s Medical/Surgical Prime Vendor Program. In the program, DLA provides prices of items that can be charged to customers. .