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…, it was found that the difference between the amount mentioned in the contract of sale and the registered deed is that the consideration is provided for in the future agreement. on the department, after the auditor had given an explanation of the difference between the amount mentioned in the registered deed and the contract of sale, I would not have been sufficiently relieved of. The difference between the amount, i.e. according to the contract of sale and the registered deed, was due to certain considerations relating to future liabilities, for example. B to help the expert purchase additional land. Even if the signing of the sales contract does not mean that the sale is over, it is a decisive step in this direction. For this reason, buyers need to know precisely the conditions set out in the agreement. . of him for paragraph 14.000/-.

Defendant 5 also stated that the difference between the amount he received and the counterpart compensation indicated in the deed was interest for five years of . Visit his house. In addition, there were several shortcomings in the above-mentioned agreement. The complainant was also informed that he would be surprised to learn that a deed of sale and out had been executed and registered. That day. Defendant 5 also stated that, according to this Law, mortgages must be issued through two documents, namely the purchase agreement and a collection agreement. In the recording. . are invited to prove this by clear and satisfactory evidence. Trust in a simple succession of events may tend to erase the real difference between the reason for the agreement and the reflection. Criminal cases that violate the terms of the transaction and, therefore, the instrument of exchange have not been taken into account.

Since the claimant breached the terms of the contract, the original act of exchange is not. by the parties to know the real intention of the parties. I therefore agree with the Lower Court of Appeal that the instrument of exchange was executed for the purpose of compromise. Normally, this deed can be used for the sale of assets or real estate seized by the courts. In this case, it generally does not guarantee the buyer that the seller owns the property freely and freely. .. Complete your (nine) percent. This contract and the purchase agreement were executed on the same day. Clearly, through this agreement, the assignors undertook to differentiate between the net rent. for this amount of Rs 39,500 that the real estate was transferred. . . .