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A contract defines the legal relationship between two parties. It describes in detail all aspects of the birth, life and death of such a relationship between the parties. A well-developed contract is a blessing for both parties, in the sense that it avoids confusion and creates clear relationships between the parties. Some important points that must be taken into account by the online platform for the execution of contracts with suppliers are, in accordance with Section 2 (h) of the Indian Contract Act, in 1872, “a legally enforceable contract agreement.” Contracts made by an online platform with their suppliers are very important in that they define the commercial understanding and the relationship between the parties. These contracts are generally “non-negotiable” or “take it or leave it” contracts from the sellers` point of view, which means that sellers generally have little or no bargaining power over the terms of the contract, and their only option is to decide not to enter into such a contract. At the same time, however, online platforms must ensure that the terms of these contracts are attractive enough that providers want to do business with them instead of choosing other online platforms. As noted above, the role of an online platform is simply to facilitate transactions between customers and sellers, for which they charge a fee in the form of a commission or otherwise by the seller. The exclusion of liability arising from these transactions, including counterparty debt (payment) in transactions, is of the utmost importance to avoid any undesirable disruption to the activity. For example, Flipkart excludes itself from liability resulting from the lack of authorization for transactions, payment issues arising from the transaction, the decrease in the transaction for other reasons, etc. An online platform exists only to facilitate business between suppliers and customers. It is therefore very important to provide complete information on scenarios in which the online platform does not provide insurance or guarantees. Thus, one of the “representations and guarantees” clauses in one of the “representations and guarantees” clauses expressly states that “Flipkart does not accept any assurance or guarantee regarding the details (such as quality, value, sales capacity, etc.) of the products or services to be offered for sale or purchase on the site.