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If you are a shipper who has to ship goods abroad, don`t think that these contracts were designed this way to confuse you or to exploit you in any way. Yes, you should always be careful when looking for a new international distributor, but you understand that these agreements can become so complex because they must be truly extremely comprehensive and cover the best interests of the shipper and the shipping company. Prices and surcharges must take into account all contingencies. Many look at exclusions and exceptions to cover both parts of the treaty and add to this the number of different systems, structures and rates used by each marine freight service. Because of all these complexities, it entrusts a great deal of responsibility to the sender to ensure that each contract is fair, understandable and that it covers its best interests. It is all the more important that most agreements last a year or more. This is why the shipper must protect itself against unsatisfactory agreements. As difficult as it may seem, remember that you, the shipper and the ocean bearer, need a stable and simple treaty in order to have an agreement that protects both parties. one. The carrier will do everything in its power to complete the transport and deliver the goods to the delivery site. If, at any time, according to Carrier, the performance of this contract is or will be affected by a disability, danger, delay, difficulty or discrimination of any kind, including strike, labour disputes, acts of God, bad weather, mechanical failures, cyberattacks; Civil unrest; acts or omissions of customs officers or quarantine officers; Authorities acting with real or apparent authority; the actions of institutions in relation to security; The nature of the cargo or any defects in that cargo; the defects of the goods; Public enemies; dangers that fall on a state of war; or terrorist acts and if due to the above airline does not have an obligation to enter into the contract, carrier, whether transport is commenced or not, can choose to treat the performance of that contract as terminated and make the goods available to the merchant in any location Carrier is considered safe and comfortable; or deliver the goods to the point of delivery.

“Relationships can get bad if contract rates are too high or if market conditions are too low,” says Ocean FCL, global head of products and procurement, for Ocean FCL. “To keep both sides in a good mood, we re-examine our contracts and maritime conditions quarterly to determine whether we need to adjust the numbers so that no one is locked up with too high rates.” 16. Temperature-controlled charge. The distributor undertakes not to tender goods requiring temperature or humidity control without written notice (and to complete the corresponding notation on this car letter) of their type and a specified temperature or humidity range, which must be maintained and which receive written permission from the carrier of such transport.