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Once Apple has updated one of these agreements, each Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager administrator must log on to the program`s website to accept new agreements. Same boat. Today (9/19) has been notified to the ABM and I am not invited to accept a new agreement. Beautiful work Apple:| Ok, so I was transferred to Enterprise Support. Talk to a nice gentleman named Matt. He advised me to be postponed today, but he could not give me a definitive answer. The only thing he could tell me was to check regularly if the updated licensing agreements were coming. Thanks for using Apple Business Manager. On September 19, Apple will release updated software licensing agreements. On that day, a program administrator must visit the Apple Business Manager website and accept the following agreements in order to continue using the program: For more information, see this support article: Thank you very much! I was wondering where the licensing agreements were and I`ll check tomorrow. We have received an email indicating that we must accept the updated terms for our Apple Business account.

I am a director and I have signed up for, but I see nowhere to accept the updated agreement. Question: Q: Updated agreement for Apple Business More Less However, these conditions apply until the new agreements are accepted: . Devices assigned to an MDM (Mobile Device Management) server in Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager are not affected. If you remove all content and settings from a device, the device will continue to be assigned to the same MDM server and the same settings will be applied during installation. Quick update… just connected and presented with the new terms. Agree with everyone and seems to be fine. I`m on the phone with Apple`s assistance. I`ll update this thread with what I find. I shouldn`t be freaking out.

That`s ridiculous. But I think I`ll have to take it on me to fix Apple`s problem. . Thank you very much. There was no link to the business manager support in the previous link that I could see, but I signed up and was able to find an American general number and was about to call it. . ————————————————————————————————————————– . I recommend that if you contact the support, you don`t have “an attitude” – it`s really easy to hang on – the support specialist will also have to find out (by the question “above the command chain”) it looks like no one has answered in a while. To start the conversation again, just ask a new question. Today is NOT September 19 – it`s Friday 13 . .

Apple sometimes updates the macOS, iOS or tvOS license agreement, often when a new version of the operating system is released. When a software license agreement is updated, an Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager administrator must log on to the program`s website to verify and accept updated terms. . I received this email, but there is no way to do what it says. . . . 13.09.2019 07:15 On philbert681 In response to philbert681 .

Hello MikeG2112, and welcome to Apple`s support community! I found this article in the support community which I hope will address your concerns. The section that specifically addresses your concern is this: I think the name of the game is patient haha 😉 That is not really a good answer, but it is something. I`ll keep trying all day. I think if it doesn`t happen by tomorrow, I`ll call back. . I`m waiting too, but I guess it will be released at about the same time as the iOS version, historically 10 hours PST.