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Learn more about articulation agreements between Ontario universities and colleges. So you`ve chosen at least one school where you might want to move – exciting! Your next step will be to contact a transfer counsellor at the school you may wish to visit. Transfer advisors can help you navigate each school`s unique transfer processes and take you to the most up-to-date forms and timelines. This page is a summary of the common programs that Ontario universities will offer in collaboration with Ontario colleges for the 2021 cycle. At the end of 4 years, most students have both a BA Honours and a university degree. Authorized for block transfer with an additional chemistry course at the university level and an additional math course (linear algebra or calculus) Look if you are qualified for the transfer of your college credits? Many improved avenues are available between partner institutions as a result of the support and cooperation of the Ontario Joint and Transfer Council (ONCAT). Once you have completed your university program, you can continue your studies through one of Saint Paul University`s bachelor`s programs. Ontario Tech has an increasing number of university transfer opportunities for Ontario College graduates. Algonquin College has set up numerous international and local programs, fachhochschulen and universities (joint agreements). Saint Paul University reserves the right to refuse the implementation of a letter of intent for a candidate who has obtained a university degree covered by the agreement more than three (3) years prior to applying for admission.

In addition to the agreements maintained by Algonquin, there are a number of paths throughout the province! Be sure to check the provincial database to learn more about other possibilities! We are currently in discussions with other post-secondary institutions in Kuwait to develop robust articulation agreements. Once completed, the list of national articulation agreements must be drawn up below. Thanks to our transfer contracts with the colleges and the college, you can get up to 60 equivalent credits. Here is a list of the universities with which we currently have specific transfer agreements: in addition to the collaborative programs listed here, there are many college-to-university courses articulated for Brock University. Saint Paul University (SPU) also has a reception articulation agreement with Algonquin College and Boreal College. This means that students who wish to pursue higher education in certain programs after graduating from the SPU can have a certain number of credits transferred. For more information, please contact a scientific advisor at Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology (CAAT) Candidate If you spent two years in the same program, you can get up to 30 credits with advanced transfer credits. In some cases, our transfer agreements with other institutions allow for more funding. Candidates for CEGEPThey must have taken 12 general studies courses (excluding physical education and refresher courses), including an English (603) or French (601) course. Applicants who have successfully completed 12 general studies can obtain up to 15 advanced status credits, and those who have successfully completed more than 16 general study courses can obtain up to 30 advanced grade credits.

In some cases, our transfer agreements with other institutions allow for more funding. Below is a list of programs from different Ontario colleges that have been tested for the transfer credit.