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3. At the initiative of the Spanish authorities, consultations are being conducted with the United States authorities to identify the possibility of Spanish participation in the exploitation of other ASDs. The terms of this participation, including training, are defined in mutual agreements. These agreements must specify the modalities for the participation and training of designated Spanish staff. A. Spain: 1. Directorate of the Joint Technical Commission in accordance with Article 35 of this agreement. 2. provide personnel and equipment for the use of U.S. products in the system. 3.

Maintenance of the ROTAZA pipeline in accordance with NATO STANAG 3609. 4. Ensure that pumping and pumping stations are operated and maintained in accordance with Spain`s safety and environmental standards. 5. Ensure that fuel received, stored and shipped through ROTAZA meets NATO STANAG 3747 requirements. Reimbursement of the United States for fuel losses that exceed the limits set out in Section X of this schedule due to contamination, failure or accident that is not due to war or God`s action. 7. Take responsibility for any responsibility to third parties for pollution. 8. maintenance of the piping and all transport devices to provide minimum flows for F-34/F-35, in accordance with Point VI, Point G, of this schedule. 9.

Perform quality control and inspection functions in accordance with NATO standards. 10. Maintain responsibility for fuel stocks and provide Demc with inventory reports if necessary. 11. the implementation and maintenance of an inspection system acceptable to Desc. Records of all inspections are provided to Desc upon request. The inspection plan is approved by members of the Ministry of Defence and DESC Technical Inspection Group for the ROTAZA pipeline. Inspections are carried out in accordance with stanag 3609. 12. Give the DESC the right to verify the services provided in accordance with this Schedule 5. 13. Determine operating, maintenance, movement and project costs for the operation of the ROTAZA pipeline and create an annual budget.

14. Quarterly invoices for services provided, as set out in the MOU, are established, prepared and presented. 15. Fuel exchange, in accordance with the agreements between the DESC and the Spanish Air Force. The United States Armed Forces may use navigational aids under The terms of This Agreement in Chapter III of this agreement for the approach and landing manoeuvres of their aircraft at schedule 2 bases. The operation, maintenance and management of deliveries of these air navigation services, in accordance with NATO maintenance agreements, are the responsibility of the Spanish army.