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As the Telework Directive states, there are certain provisions of the agreement that are unique to each employee. These provisions are worded as: place of delivery. The staff member undertakes to limit the performance of the tasks assigned to the main activity site or authorized place of origin. Failure to comply with this provision may lead to the termination of the telemutation contract and/or other appropriate disciplinary measures. This agreement does not prevent the Employment Agency from taking appropriate disciplinary or adverse action against a worker who does not comply with the provisions of the Telework Directive or the directives and procedures adopted by the Employment Agency and/or the House of Representatives. Duration. This agreement applies for a period of [precise term] beginning at [the start date] and ending at [the end date]. At the end of this period, both parties will participate in a review that could lead to the reactivation of the agreement. The employment agency and/or the House of Representatives may request the recovery of the employee for the property of the employment agency, which is deliberately or negligently damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen while in custody, under the supervision or control of the employee.

The employee is responsible for the reimbursement of the theft, damage or destruction of the property of the work on the alternative site. The cost of repairing and/or replacing and liability for private equipment and furniture used during telework is the employee`s responsibility. Work allowance. The worker is insured under the Workers` Compensation Act if he is injured in the performance of his official duties on the telecommunications site. The employee declares himself voluntarily ready to work on the authorized alternative construction site listed below and to follow all applicable guidelines and procedures. The employee recognizes that telework is not a work benefit. 9. Performance expectations have been discussed and are clearly understood. Work allowances. The employee meets with [designated persons] to counter orders and verify completed work as required or appropriately.