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8.4 If you receive a suspicious email, please do not open it or click on the links it contains, but report it immediately by forwarding the email to “Agreement” refers to the agreement you enter into with us, which includes these terms, your terms of account, the legal details of the site and the legal details of our application; 12.1 This agreement is for you personal and you cannot transfer your rights or obligations to others. We can transfer our rights and obligations at any time. 8.2 Our digital services can use your location data or information on your device to prevent and detect fraud. For example, we can verify that you are in the country where your payments are made in cases where we suspect fraud in your account. We will not use this information for any other purpose. 12.2 If a contractual clause proves unenforceable, it will have no impact on the validity of the others. You can access online banking by registering on our website – via the company`s website ( with an electronic CERES certificate from the Royal Spanish Mint [Real Casa de la Moneda – F├ębrica Nacional de Moneda y Stamp (RCM – FNM)] or with a Spanish electronic identity card (DNI). It will not be possible to sign the agreement with an electronic CERES certificate or a Spanish electronic identity card (DNI) on mobile devices. IMPORTANT: if a shareholder is a legal entity, is not resident in Spain or has any other specific characteristic, he is not allowed to choose the second option and, if necessary, must conclude and sign the contract in one of the bank`s branches.

c) do not disclose your security data by email. If we send you an email We address it to you personally and as an additional security measure, we will always contact you the last three digits of your postcode at the top of each marketing email we send you or we will quote the last four digits of your account number in order to identify us to you, so that you can be sure that it is a real email. If you receive a suspicious email, please don`t open it or click on the left included, instead, report it immediately by sending the email to Not able to get a replacement card faster (go in) as TD Bank is frustrating. Also recently tempted to the daughter of the lost debit card as a common account to which I had access, I was blind when online card services pushed me to block my debit card and the main source of financial access, for the New Year with no ability, Lead Mgt unlocks with the main proof of who I was with a card in hand that must wait at least 2 days at $30 or 8 free days for a great holiday while due to online functions, not only do not specify which account or card was verified as lost, until confirmation and a security feature should ask the person to confirm that the account is correct to block it! Any step would have avoided this unfortunate incident.