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Many of us live in rental housing, and real estate investments are often made specifically for rent. But what happens to the lease if the owner of the property changes? What should the tenant, seller of the property and buyer of the property know? In this article, we will take a look at these issues within the framework of Estonian legislation. This agreement is essential to protect you from liability. It also offers a structure for an advantageous partnership between the owner and the property management company. The real estate lease is often referred to as a lease and generally includes certain property rights over real estate, unlike Chattels. Another possibility to exclude the possibility of such an offence is to register on the land registry. The tenant has the right to apply for the registration of the lease on the land registry and to allow any subsequent individual owner of the property to use the property, in accordance with the lease agreement. In the case of such a listing on the land registry, the new owner of the property has no right to terminate the lease, so that the tenant cannot be breached. A tenancy agreement is a document that acts as a contract between you and your tenant and defines the terms of the tenancy agreement. You can have it written in a way that is favorable to you, because you can decide what goes into the agreement. Evicting a tenant is something you need to do as a landlord. Find out what steps to take and how best to protect your interests in this situation. Fundamental aspects that should be addressed in this agreement: a monthly lease agreement should include certain provisions for the contract to protect you.

It is often useful when a lawyer prepares a rental contract for you, even if it is only a one-sided document, especially if you are a first owner. If a fixed-term lease can only be terminated for a good reason, there is a difference in the change of ownership of a property. The purchaser of the property may terminate the lease within three months of the acquisition of the property with a period of three months. For example, if the new owner of the apartment tells the tenant, the day after the purchase of the apartment, that he wishes to terminate the lease, this contract will last another three months. If the new owner announces his intention to terminate the lease one day before the three-month period expires, the contract will also apply for an additional three months – the maximum term of the lease may then be nearly six months, subject to prior notification from the new owner. However, if more than three months have passed since the change of ownership of the property, the new owner of the property loses the right to terminate the contract on that basis and again needs good reasons. A well-developed agreement contains a clause on the type of insurance coverage a homeowner must assume for the building. Real estate companies should take out their own insurance to protect their business – this can also be stipulated in the contract. Whether you own a building or want to take responsibility for becoming a property manager, a well-written property management contract is a necessity.

They should include all relevant services and royalties necessary to operate the property for a long-term and beneficial agreement.