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The purpose of today`s hearing is to examine the implementation of the Nunez colony. Nunez`s compliant opinion was approved by the Court just over a year ago, effective November 1, 2015. Since the shutdown came into effect, the independent monitor has published two reports detailing the Department`s significant progress in implementing the compliant notification and assessing the Department`s level of compliance. Each of these reports, published on May 31, 2016 and October 31, 2016, is available to the public. We are pleased to inform you that the Department has obtained results in assessing compliance with the provisions assessed by the monitor. While we still have a long way to go, we cannot stress enough how proud we are of what we have achieved so far. A federal judge on Wednesday gave final approval to a wide-reaching settlement agreement to reshape Rikers Island by dealing with the ubiquitous brutality in The New York City Prison Complex. Below are contracts and agreements between the parties regarding the confidentiality and/or use of documents developed and prepared by the Division and Nunez`s surveillance team. The agreement focuses on the treatment of adolescents in urban prisons. Last year, the government of Mayor Bill de Blasio, a Democrat, overstripped the agreement by rescinding the isolation of 16- and 17-year-old prisoners.

Corrections Commissioner Joseph Ponte also vowed to abolish loneliness for all under-22s by the end of the year. The Nunez Consent Judgment is the result of an agreement of the Nunez Group Action, launched in 2011 on behalf of current and future inmates of New York City prisons, which states that the department has practiced a model and practice of unnecessary and excessive violence. According to an investigation by the U.S. Attorney`s Office for the Southern District of New York (“SDNY”) into the treatment of young male inmates, The SDNY intervened in the Nunez action, noting a pattern and practice of excessive and unnecessary use of force, the lack of adequate protection of detainees against violence in detainees and the inappropriate placement of detainees aged 16 to 18 years in a state of re-election for excessive periods. Nuez`s trial was partially settled last month by an agreement on a long list of reforms, including a federal monitor, strict rules against guards who hit inmates in the head, put body cameras on guards and install 8,000 surveillance cameras throughout the complex.