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The university has three campuses: the Welland campus in Welland, the Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus in Niagara-on-the-Lake and the Ta`if campus in Saudi Arabia. Your Maid of the Mist campus in Niagara Falls has been closed in 2018. [1] Full-time courses at Niagara College (Canada) are represented by the Local Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) Local 242. The union office is located in the Black Walnut Building of the Welland Campus. On May 21, 1965, with the creation of its university system, Ontario led the way to colleges of applied arts and technology. [citation needed] In 1967, Niagara College`s Welland campus was established in response to the province`s initiative to create numerous institutions that offer career-oriented diploma and certification courses and continuing education programs. This campus offers a number of services and activities, including a fitness and sports centre, a student activity centre, open computer labs, a campus store, a library and a cafeteria. Welland Campus hosts programs in radio, film and television drama, communication, health and community studies, early childhood education and police work. The Technology Skills Centre complements this campus, as is the Centre for Policing and Community Safety Studies, a product of a partnership between the College and the Niagara Regional Police Service. The Welland campus consolidates all technology programs on a campus. The Welland Campus is a true “community campus” and is also home to the new Welland YMCA and Niagara Children`s Safety Village.

Review your sovereign wealth fund before signing and do not hesitate to use the five days you need to check your swf before signing (see articles 11.02 A 3 and 11.02 A4 of the collective agreement). If you have any questions about your sovereign wealth fund, talk to your union representative or the faculty union office. The college is divided into three campuses that house the different departments. They are: In response to the rapid growth of Niagara`s tourism sector and the expected demand for thousands of new workers, the College created the Tourism Industry Development Centre (TIDC). TiDC is located on the City of Niagara campus in Niagara Falls and serves as an industrial development and training resource specializing in the hospitality and tourism sector. In 2007, the Ontario Street site was added for expanding programs at Health Community Studies.