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18. Privacy Act 198818.1 The client undertakes that an ISS of a credit information service (CRB) will submit a credit report containing personal credit data (e.g.B. Name, address, D.O.B, occupation, previous credit applications, credit history) regarding the credit provided by the ISS.18.2 The customer agrees that the ISS may exchange customer information with these credit providers and associated entities for the following purposes:a) to assess a customer`s request; and/or b) inform other credit providers of a customer default; and/or (c) exchange information about the status of this credit account with other credit providers when the customer is late with other credit providers; and/or (d) to assess the client`s creditworthiness, including the customer`s refund history in the past two years.18.3 The customer agrees: 18.4 The customer agrees that personal credit data provided by ISS may be used for the following (and other agreed or) purposes :(a) personal credit data provided for the following (and other agreed or) purposes :(a). and/or b) analyze, verify and/or verify the creditworthiness, payment and/or status of the customer in connection with the supply of the plant; and/or (c) the processing of payment instructions, debit facilities and/or credit facilities requested by the customer; and/or (d) the collection of unpaid amounts related to the 18.5 ISS plant may transmit customer information to a CRB for the following purposes:a) to obtain a consumer credit report;b) allow the CRB to create or maintain a customer credit information file, including credit history.18.6 Information provided to the CRB; B may include:a) the personal data described in point 18.1 above; (b) the name of the lender and the fact that the ISS is a current credit provider to the customer; (c) if the creditor is a licensee; (d) type of consumer credit; (e) details of the customer`s credit or business credit application (e.g.B. Credit account start/rescission date and amount requested) ;(f) advice on consumer credit defaults, overdue accounts, repayments of outstanding loans or funds, which are more than sixty (60) days late and for which a written notification of the payment request has been made and a recovery action has been initiated or, moreover, that the client no longer has outstanding accounts and that the ISS has no longer been paid or otherwise discharged, as well as all the details surrounding this discharge (z.B.