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There are a few cases where you have to get off a device rental contract, especially if you realize that it is nothing more than a “trap”. The good news is that you have a number of things you can do to terminate the equipment lease: The conclusion of an equipment lease is the best option compared to the purchase of new appliances, because: Push forward smart technology with the Accord Project community In the event of a short-term equipment lease, the landlord can give the tenant the opportunity to renew, terminate the contract or buy the lease. It depends on the terms of the original agreement reached and accepted by both parties. 5.3. Electronic communications. By using the platform, you agree to receive electronic communications from TLF. These electronic communications may contain information about fees and fees incurred, transaction information, privacy policy and other information about the platform and services. These electronic communications are part of your relationship with TLF. You agree that all communications, agreements, statements or other communications that TLF sends to you electronically meet all legal communication requirements, including written communications. If, in the future, you no longer wish to communicate electronically with TLF, you must stop using your account, platform and services. The Accord project is an open ecosystem that allows everyone to create intelligent chords and documents on a technologically neutral platform.

In this agreement, the owner of the equipment or the “lessor” of a person or a company or “tenant” allows the equipment to be used for a certain period of time for financial compensation. As soon as both parties agree to the terms of the lease, they have signed it to formalize it. Smart agreements promise to reduce friction and transaction costs in the creation and management of business relationships. To enable this future, the necessary tools for formatting, free access, execution and management of legally enforceable automatic reading agreements are needed. The Accord project creates and maintains a universal legal and technical basis for intelligent legal contracts in a technologically neutral manner. As has already been said, the lack of contract monitoring hinders an organization`s ability to achieve its financial objectives, lacks security and poses a regulatory and operational risk to organizations. Manual storage systems, e-mails and computational tables are not appropriate tools for organizations to make the most of their contracts, because: this provision provides that all disputes between you and TLF will be settled by mandatory arbitration. To be clear, there is no judge or jury in arbitration, and judicial review of an arbitration award is limited.

The arbitrator must follow this agreement and may award the same damages and damages as a court (including legal fees). However, you may choose not to apply this provision, which means that you have the right or opportunity to assert rights before a court, judge or jury and/or to be represented in a case that has been filed by others (including, but not just for class actions). BOTH YOU AND TLF AGREE THAT, EXCEPT AS PROVIDED BELOW, ANY AND ALL DISPUTES, AS DEFINED ABOVE, WHETHER PRESENTLY IN EXISTENCE OR BASED ON ACTS OR OMISSIONS IN THE PAST OR IN THE FUTURE, WILL BE RESOLVED EXCLUSIVELY AND FINALLY BY BINDING ARBITRATION RATHER THAN IN COURT IN ACCORDANCE WITH THIS PROVISION.