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Agreements between tenants (and landlords) and their roommates are not covered by the rent law. That means the roommates aren`t part of the lease. (a) in a substantially identical state of cleanliness, remove all items from the tenant and all other goods transported to the site during the term of the tenancy agreement; and if a loan is held in the residential tenant`s trust account in relation to a rental agreement and the landlord or tenant changes the name or contact or address for the service, landlord or tenant, within 10 working days, has the new information communicated to the manager. when the premises are rented for a temporary rent of at least 5 years, the tenancy agreement was granted prior to the commencement of the 2007 Property Rights Act on January 1, 2008, and the lease expressly provides that this law does not apply: subject to subsection (2) and sections 5 to 7 , for any lease agreement granted prior to the effective date of this Act, which exists immediately before that date and before that date. This law applies to and after that date. 96 (1) In the case of a periodic tenancy agreement, the lessor may, for the following reasons, notify the tenant of a termination for the following periods: If the tenant leaves food or other perishable goods on the site at the end of the lease, the lessor may, as soon as the premises are taken over, discard these goods in any way that the landlord deems appropriate. 53 Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the tenant owns the premises described in the contract from the date of the tenancy agreement. Any party can notify the other termination of the lease. the person (not a bank or similar institution) who normally receives the rent to be paid under the contract; or (d) does not apply if the mortgage or any other person is bound by the lease agreement or linked in writing to its creation. determine whether a rent calculated at a significant time in relation to a tenancy agreement to which this Act applies exceeds or not the market rent of a substantial amount for that tenant, and whether the rent exceeds or exceeded the market rent by a substantial amount to make such an injunction with respect to rent, as he thinks fairly. : an amount indicated in the contract as damages or penalty , – the transfer means a transfer of all rights that a tenant has under a tenancy agreement 22 (1) The tenant must review the report and indicate on the report the consent of the tenant or the disagreement with the property.